KiriBaku Fantasy Big Bang 2022

A Big Bang focused on the relationship of Kirishima Eijirou and Bakugou Katsuki in the many universes of magic!

Official 2021 KiriBaku Fantasy ao3 Collection!


vic is a stressed art student who is very excited to jump back into a passion project. she’s participated in a number is fandom events that can be found on her carrd!

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SCHEDULE AS OF 3/10/2022

MARCH 2022
??: Interest Check Opens
??: Mod Apps Open
??: Interest Check Closes
??: Mod Apps Close
??: Mods Are Contacted

APRIL 2022
??: Participant Sign-Ups Open

MAY 2022
??: Participant Sign-Ups Close
??: Summary Submissions Due
??: Summary Viewing
??: Artist Claims
??: Pairings Posted

?? Creation Period

?? 2022
??: First Check-In

?? 2022
??: Second Check-In / Dropout Deadline

?? 2022
??: Third Check-In

?? 2022
??: Final Check-In

?? 2022
??: Posting Period Begins


Q: What is the KRBK Fantasy Bang?

A: The KRBK Fantasy Bang is a Big Bang fan event centered around KiriBaku, the pairing of Kirishima Eijirou and Bakugou Katsuki of the manga/anime series My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi.

Q: What is a Big Bang?

A: A Big Bang, or Bang, is a fan event meant to create collaborative works of fanfiction and fanart based on specific characters and/or a theme. Writers begin by writing a story and the artists claim the chance to provide an accompanying art piece based on an early draft or summary.

Q: What is this Bang’s theme?

A: The theme again this year is fantasy! This not only includes the official fantasy AU from the second JUMP popularity poll, but any fantasy setting. Mermaids, witches, werewolves, oni, anything you can think of so long as it’s within the realm of fantasy.

Q: How do I participate? Can anyone join?

A: Everyone is welcome so long as they’re willing to commit to a finished piece. Participants will need to submit an application as either a writer, artist, pinch hitter, or beta. Applications will be made available soon!

Q: Will I need Discord to participate?

A: Yep! Most, if not all, communication with participants will be done through Discord.

Q: Will I be able to apply as both a writer and an artist? Do more than one piece?

A: Participants may sign-up to produce a max of two pieces. That could be two distinct stories, two illustrations, or one of each. We highly suggest you evaluate your work load in the coming months before committing to more than one piece. Remember, a call for pinch hitters will go out later further into the event.

Q: What is a pinch hitter?

A: A pinch hitter is someone who steps in to fill a role when another participant drops out. Someone who’s able to help out in a pinch.

Q: Can minors participate?

A: Yes, with restrictions. For safety reasons minors (anyone under the age of 18) may only create and interact with SFW pieces. Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be immediately dropped out of the project. No exceptions.

Q: Are there any content restrictions?

A: We have three hard rules:

All characters in NSFW pieces must be aged up (18+)
No non-con situations
No adult x minor pairings
More rules may be added.

Q: A friend and I wish to work together, can we join as a pair?

A: Yes, we will accept prearranged collaborators. Just let a mod know when applications open.

Q: I have more questions, who do I contact?

A: You can contact a mod through an ask or in Twitter DMs! Links are located on the front of this Carrd!


General Guidelines for Participants:

The minimum word count for writers is 7k. There’s no cap, but remember it must be complete by the post date.

Artists are required to complete a full colored illustration.

The creation period will be 4.5 months. (Check our schedule for dates!)

Participants may sign-up for more than one role, but no more than two.

Artists may claim more than one summary if numbers allow.

General Rules:

All stories and art must be newly made for the KrBk Fantasy Bang.

Plagiarism will result in an immediate drop from the project.

No significant amount of the pieces should be posted publicly. We’re trying to keep everything a surprise.

No minor (under the age of 18 at the time of sign-ups) may produce or interact with any 18+ content.

Respect all participants. No hate speech or personal attacks will be tolerated.

Content Rules:
The following content is not allowed under any circumstance:

Underage NSFW content

Adult/Minor relationships


The following content must be tagged upon public posting. Refusal to tag will result in the story and/or art being pulled from the event.

Major Character Death

Graphic depictions of violence beyond canon typical

Any extreme content (ask a mod if unsure)